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members of mendip vale carnival club.

Mendip vale has steadily increased in strength since the early days, both financially and in terms of membership numbers. The whole year is structured around fund raising events and culminates in a great effort to build the float from the late-summer. Membership fluctuates from year to year. A low period was during the early 1990s when the club had only less than 20 members, whereas the late 1990s saw membership rise to over 40. The club’s strength has stabilised at around 25 members over recent years. Former members have often moved on to other clubs throughout Somerset, and past members can today be found in clubs such as Masqueraders, Globe, wick and Cobra The members’ current age range is from 14-63, and members are drawn from right across the area, coming from as far away as Burnham-on-Sea, Chippenham and Bristol.


current members of mendip vale carnival club are..

Jig Burch, Liam Guise, Keira Bird, Romey Richards, Andrew Bennett, Mini Sheppard, Aaron Phipps, Ashley Guise, Tom Sheppard, James Loxton, Matt Lukins, Adam Hopper, Neil Kinnersley, Sarah Stott, Tara Mulvey, Kayleigh, Luke Coward, Shelley Kerswell, Ben Pike, Josh Manley, Andy Wickham, Kev Wickham, Matt Thorne, James Perkins, Louise Edmondson, Lauren Havery, Alex Matthews, Marc Portsmouth, Jason, Becky Burr, Ann Spencer, Kirsty Spencer, Mel Sims, Emily Matthews


Junior member

Keegan Phipps



Jane Loxton, James Clarke, Tara Hollingshead, Jodie bea-Galway, Scott Langton, Ethan

Full membership costs £52.00 per year

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