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Building 2014's cart

These photos were taken, late february-early march, taking apart 2013's entry

Designed by Ashley guise, attractions is a fairground that has been abandoned and left to break apart, with various rides and signs broken down and left to decay. The painting took a different approach with more use of brush techniques and less spraying. The attention to detail was given a bit more this year than in past entries.

The main cart was started in the summer with the generator trailer finshed by the beginning to mid october.

The tractor however was started 10 days before the first carnival with metal work, and 7 days with the woodwork.

Various engine and tyre repairs and stuctural metal alterations meant that the tractor was the latest we'd ever started.

The week of bridgwater included many of us going to bed as it was getting light in the morning, and the dreaded all nighter on the evening before bridgwater... never the less. all was completed (just), and the three trailers left butler park to the line up on parkway just after midday on the day of bridgwater carnival.

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